Why You Need To Take Your Workout Outside
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Time to feel challeneged!

We have all been there. Turning up to the gym and having a somewhat lack luster workout. Struggling to find the motivation or the will to give it everything you have. Sometimes the gym doesnt seem motivating enough to challenge yourself. 

But going outside is a whole different ball game. Switching into a differetn energy system even the warm up seems like a challenege. Creating different routes, obsitcle, stairs and hill certainly lays down more physical challeneges than 20 Barbell bicep curls. The aim is to use your environment to challenge your physcial abilities and to make you push yourself in the ellements. Something that our caveman predicesors were doing for centuries before Gyms were built. 

The best part about going outside is that every exercise you do is based on body weight movements. Have you ever noticed the bodies on those professional gymnasts? 
You body will thank you for makeing it more "functional" instead of just strong from lifiting heavy stuff. Also over the years of being a personal trainer i have noticed way less injury from bodyweight movements. This is maybe from only using movement patterns that your joints seem to like rather than awkward movements that can lead to injury. 

There are great exercises like stair runs, burpees, push ups, squat jumps, crunches. 100m sprints and all of the rest. Quick and easy circuits are easy to create or find online and you will certainly get your mojo back once your heart is racing from the intence HIIT sessions.

The myth about doing to much cardio and losing muscle mass is a littel out dates. If you are fueling your body correctly for your energy output, your muscles will love you for it. Refuel after a workout and the petrol tanks will be filled up again. Your muscle will stay firmer and learner to be able to be more effective as well as prepared for the next bodyweight workout. Apposed to hitting biceps once a week and watching them shrink over the next 6 days. 

Dont dissmiss an outdoor workout until you have tried it. 

I believe in you. 



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