What is my 90 Day Life Accelerator Program. 

What if you could completely turn your life around in 90 days? 
Im not talking about just building the body you've always wanted. I mean actually achieving the goals you've alwasy wanted but have been forgotten. 
What would it feel like to get a promotion, or a pay rise? To feel relevant at work?
Wouldn't it be nice to finally buy that car you've always wanted?

"Start working on your goals. Be the person you want to be!" 

Isn't it time that you start living the life you've wanted but for some reason you kept make "safe" decisions?
Trust me, it's not going to be an easy 90 days but I will say that it will be 100% rewarding and you will be working on all your lifes goals everyday. 
And the whole time I will be pushing you to get into the best phsyical condition of your life. 
I deep dive into your life and pull out all of your desires. We then make a road map of the things you need to be focusing on and the things you don't. 
Together we work out the 90 days of things we need to achieve together to maximise your chance of reaching each of your life goals. 
AND if you dont feel like you have achieved anything, that you haven't moved forward.... I'll give you your money back!

"Auto Pilot" Workouts

Workouts that are so simple to follow, nothing crasy you need to learn. Based on what every gym has. 
All you have to do is turn up. Your workout for the day will be in your phone, easy to access. 
Plus these workouts will have you feeling pumped and making progress. 
I have been training people for over 20 years. Ive put man people on the cover and insde Men's Health Magazine.
I know what gets results. 

Food Made Easy

Weekly food plans with simple recipes that are quick to prepare. No fancy stuff, just easy to follow. 
Shopping list for each week are included. You end up saving money when you do your weekly shop. 
Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. All included in the food plan.
Calorie controlled specifically for you. 

I Want You To Reach Your Goals!

I get down to your most important gaols. These goals are true to your heart. I want to know exactly whats going to motivate you. 
We look at what we can achieve in 90 days, and what do we need to do for the long term goals. We need to set some short term wins to keep up the momentum. 
Physcial goals are a must. Where you are at now and where you want to be in 90 days in terms of your physical look, health & fitness. 

I'll Be Tracking What You Get Up Too!

Every week I'll be tracking what you were able to get through. Training, food & steps towards your goals. 
We work together in making sure we are moving forward each week by tracking your achievements.
I take notes of everything you have done so at the end of the 90 days we can see how far you have come.  

I'll Find Your Motivation!

I like to DIG DEEP and find out what makes you tick. I want to know all the things that make you get up in the morning to do what you do. 
Most importantly I want to find out what you are really passionate about. Most people put their passions to the side and accept their life for what it is. 
I dont believe that anyone should settle. Find your passion, things that matter to you, people who matter to you and use it to fuel your motivation. 

I'm Your Accountability.

Every week we go through what you got done for that week.
I call it Getting Your Shit Done. GYSD.
At the begining of the 90 days, we set out what you need to get done and I have your back helping you getting it done. 
Its my job to make sure each week you are taking steps forward towards each of your goals. 

Support is Everything. 

The 90 Day Life Accelerator is all about the support. That's the biggest selling point. 
My sole task is to have your back and to make sure you are 100% on track. My support makes sure you move towards your goals everyday. 
I want you to succeed more than you do. This is what this enitre program is about. Me supporting you, giving you the tools to reach your goals. 

Why the 90 Day Accelerator?

  1. Break out of your rut
  2. Get into the best shape ever
  3. Build kickass confidence in yourself 
  4. Be that awesome person everyone loves
  5. Achieve the goals you gave up on
  6. Have that performance coach in your corner
  7. Have a full proof life plan for success
  8. Move forward everyday towards your happiness 
  9. Be proud of your new achievements
  10. Know you have full control of your future

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If you are are tired of being stuck in a rut doing the same thing everyday and nothing seems to be changing then you need to jump on a call with me. 
If you know there is more out of life for you, let me accelerate your life for you. All it takes in 90 days to achieve amazing things. 
Set up a free no oblication call with me and tell me what you want from your life. I'm here to help. 



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