4 Week Kick Starter


Are You Ready ? 
Have you stop exercisng becuase of Corona?
Don't know where to start?
Need something easy to follow?
Want to kick start your fitness at home? 
Looking to lose your corona weight?
Do you like simple recipes?
Do you need a food plan with shopping list?
Need a daily home routine, somthing to follow until the gyms open?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this program is perfect for you!

1. Body Weight Program

If you haven't done a workout for a long time or you are just a beginner then the Body Weight Program is great for you. 
No Equipment Required. Corona friendly "stay at home" workout. 

2. Basic Equipment Program

If you know your way around a medicine ball, resistance bands, a barbell and a fit ball this is the right program for you. 
Easy circuits to follow getting you moving again and back up to speed either at home or in the gym. 


3. Back to the Gym Program

This program is great if you have never used the gym before or want to get back into it. 
The workouts are based using machines in the gym so that you dont have to worry about using all those heavy freeweights.
It is very easy to follow with all the exercises you already know.
Nothing new that will make you look like the strange person in the gym doing dumbbell squats on a fit ball. 

4. Time to Lift Program

If you previously hit the gym and know your way around free weights and just need a reminder and some structure to get you back in the game, you are going to love Time to Lift.

Note: $59.99 aus = $39 usd 

* exchange rates vary day to day so US price will vary. 

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