Winter Fitness - How to battle through the cold

Half the reason you cant get yourself out of bed is becasue the moment you wake up you dont have the ability to make sound decisions. All you can feel is the comfy goodness of you bed. 
1. Make a deal with yourself that you will only get up early for exercuse 3 mornings each week. This means that you can get some extra sleep and comfiness on those other mornings. The trade off is that you either have to make the other mornings up at night or on the weekend. 

2. Take your shirt off and take a mirror selfie and make it your home screen on your phone. The problem is at 6am we can't really decide on how important your exercise really is to your goals. At that hour of the day your bed is your goals. When your alarm goes off you will get a chance to see what you look like in photos and that should pretty much motivate anyone to get on that exercise train. 

3. Pack the night before. 9/10 if you have packed your gym gear, preped your work clothes, have your training clothes ready to put on you are 9x out of 10 going to get up becasue you are already prepared and thus no effort required to get ready. 

4. Weekly tape measurements. If you jump on the scales and measure your tummy once a week no matter what you have been up to, you will then have a pretty good guage if you are leaning out or thickening up. 

5. Limit the amount of alcohol you have each week. Only drinking once a week means that you should be feeling much better on all the other days. Even the slightest of hangovers makes us decide that exercises is not a good option first thing in the morning. 


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