Quickest way to a 6 pack!

Its not going to be easy but it will certainly get the fat off your body fast. 

Are you willing to makes sacrifices for a few weeks to get your body fat % lower?

Ok so here it is. The full proof plan. 

1. You need a controled food intake plan. 
This means for an average man your intake should be an exact 1600 cal a day. Guessing wont work, it must be calculated. If you dont have it exact then you coudl be out 200-500 calories a day and that will effect your fat loss.

2. Burn exactly the same amount of calories everyday with out fail. 
The aim here is to be burning 1000 calories a day more than what you are consuming. It is basic mathamatics when you think about it. Intake is only 1600 a day, you body will need at least 1200 to survive leaving only 400 for exercuse. If you burn up to 800 calories a day with activity then you are 100% in deficiet and your body will need body fat to suplement the lack of carbohydrates available. 4 weeks in deficit and you could easliy drop anywhere from 3 to 6 kgs depending on your starting point.  

So my best advice is to keep it simple. Its only 4 weeks and i suggest you just tell yoru tastebuds to step in line. Keep your food simple and easy to prepare. Have a food plan makes it really easy or buying from a food prep company for 4 week will make your life so simple. 
Exercises should also be the same. I suggest doing cardio every day for 4 weeks is going to be the most effective way to burn off the body fat but if you are like me then I must keep my chest arms and shoulders looking full. So 80% of your workouts will be cardio fat burning and 20% will be made up of Chest, shoulders and arms. Your weight ssessions only need to be 3 times a week and keep then the same every single session. i.e Bench Press, Dumbbell flys, Dumbbell shoulder press, Dumbbell flys, Barbell Bicep Curls, Tricep body weight dips. Over 4 weeks you will get very effiencnt with your weight sessions and maybe even superset a few exercises. If you maintain your daily cardio then you will def notice a shape change by the end of the 4 weeks. 

This 4 week fat blasting process works. Ive done it many times and I have helped many people smash their goals ready for a holiday or last minute summer conditioning. 

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