Why having an Online Coach will get you results!

If you want results then you need the best coach. It's that simple!

Having an online coach is better than having a One on One personal trainer because in my experience some people rely on their personal trainer for their own results. When you are following an online program all the responsibility is on your own shoulders. You are given all the tools you need, you are kept accountable and there are weekly weigh-ins and measurements that are required. On top of that you have email support and regular phone calls witth me, your coach. Also with an online coach you have more advice and program monitoring because the contact you do have with your coach is about your performance and making improvements rather than your personal trainer pushing you through a training session. 

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience with online coaches, and for me, I personally get more satisfaction with my online clients because they are autonomous, self starting and motivated to train on their own, and generally have done so for a while. Online clients generally focus on goal setting, programming, mindset adjustments, support and motivation to be more successful. They dont need someone to count to 10 for them. A huge selling point with having an online coach, is that you can get the best coach anywhere in the world, even if you live in the middle of the country side the best coach is only a click away. 

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Training Programs

Having a goal specific training program on your phone that is easy to follow is just one benefit of having an online coach. Online training is the future for most people. You have someone who can give you advice when you need it, and answer questions about the program when they arise. Online training over time becomes more convenient because you don't have to make personal training session times which often arise, and can make it costly when you have to forfeit or cancel at last minute. 

Food Plans

Let's be honest, personal trainers are not the best at creating food plans. Well online coaches are. We have a little more time than personal trainers to create recipes and food plans that are way more suited for everyday people, and not obsessed fitness people who love chicken and broccoli for breafast, lunch and dinner. Online provides much better delivery for food plans, and all of my food plans are calorie calculated and have shopping lists to match. Keeping your food simple and easy to cook is just the first step, making sure your meal volume sizes are goal specific is even more important. The bonus to having an online coach is, if you dont like anything on the food plan you can ask your coach for advice on what to change it out with. Simple. 

Goal Setting

A big part of having an online coach is the process of goal setting. It's a little more in depth than what you get with a personal trainer.

Filling out a detailed questionaire with a follow up goal, or setting up a phone call can really help to establish exactly what you want from your coach, and what you want to achieve from your programming. It's crucial that your goal setting is done with honesty and with a realistic outcome. No point aiming to achieve something in 12 weeks that has taken someone else years of hard work to achieve. Always be realistic!

Results Tracking

Weekly weigh-ins and measurements uploaded to your personal dashboard is crucial for staying on track. You also need before photos that are stored in your dahsboard, and you can add as many as you like along the way. Knowing exactly how you are performing each week is very useful for me, because I can tweak and manoeuvre all parts of your program, add extra workouts or change your food for one week just to shock the body if something like a plateau happens. 

Results are what keeps your motivation up even when you feel like you are not making progress. 


How many times in life have you had that urge to give. How many things have you started and stopped before you could finish. Well my job is to keep you motivated right till the end. There is nothing more rewarding than to complete something that you signed up for. 


The age old issue of having someone to answer to. Do you think you would work as hard in your job if you didn't have people above you providing expecations on your productivitiy and performance? Well i'm that guy when it comes to your health and fitness. My accountability is a form of support and motivation. I expect you to follow my program but when push comes to shove we are all human and we make mistakes. My job is to make sure you get back on the horse and keep moving towards your goals. 


Online Coaching is all about the support. That's the biggest selling point. Unlike personal training you have continual support available from me, your online coach when you need it. Generally every few days you have contact with me to make sure that you stay on track week in and week out. You get email support, weekly results reporting, phone calls and the facebook group if you chose to share your experience with others. Don't under estimate the power of having a great support network behind you when you want to achieve your goals.

Benefits of Online Coaching

  1. Online Coaching gives you more attention
  2. Better programs and food plans
  3. I can help you from any place in the world
  4. Great support via email and Facebook
  5. Regular phone calls
  6. Weekly accountability check ins 
  7. Great network and resources for motivation
  8. Always results driven goal setting
  9. Makes you accountable for your own training
  10. Gives satisfaction you can follow a plan and get results

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Let me be your Online Coach. 

  • Training Programs suited for your goals
  • Food plans calorie counted for losing weight or building lean muscle
  • Phone calls
  • Email and Facebook Support 
  • Weekly results tracking

Coaching price is $99 per week - Payment by Direct Debit - miniumum 12 weeks (if other time frame required please contact me)

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Let me be your Online Coach. 

Normally $1,188.00

Pay Up Front for over a 15% discount. 


Coaching price is normally $99 per week.

Discounted Price $83.30 per week

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If you are motivated and you need a coach, book in for a free 20 min consultation with me!



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