Personal Trainer Business Coaching Program

Would you like to run a Seamless, Organised & 
Successful Personal Training Business?

Have you been struggling with the general day to day operations of running a small business?

Have you tried different ways to get clients in the door, earn more money and run the business you have always wanted?

To run a successful business you need to understand the building blocks, set up structures and systems so your busienss runs smoothly and effortlessly.
Then you dont have to stress about money or managing clients again. 

If you would like to build your brand, create effective marketing and improve your cash flow then this program is perfect for you. 

Cam Byrnes


Why Me?

15 years of experience 

I have pretty much done it all. 

I have trained Celebrities 
I have had a transformation TV Show
I was the Health and Fitness Expert for Men's Health Magazine
I run a successful online training program
I coach Personal Trainers with growing their brand & business
I create Social Content for REBEL Sport - Largest Sport Retailer in Australia
Brand Ambassadore for mutliple companies 


Build your brand and be attractive

How will people find you if you're not putting yourself out there. These days selling isnt selling and you can't think that just because are a Peronal Trainer that people will just come to you for training. You need to put out great messaging about what you are passionate about. People will start listening, following and trusting you. When it comes time to buy, they will think of you first because you have built a relationship with them. 

It's about building your "brand" around your name. 

Do you know how to build your community?

Building a community is relatively easy once you understand the principals. Free Content, Free Content, Free Content. Give them what they want, and they will like you, build their trust and then offer them a reason to buy from you. You can't be posting selfies and expect to grow your community with narcisistic profile on instagrm. You dont need a big following on social to make money. Nurture the people who already follow you and they will love you even more. They already follow you for a reason. Give them a reason to buy from you. 

Systems = Success

No systems in your business means your small business would be in a mess right now. Do you have a system for collecting and reporting your expenses or profit and loss? Do you have a monthly calendar for special deals? Are you putting out a newsletter with rich content and a special offer? Do you use facebook ads? Have you planned out your next months session and seen where the blanks are, then fomulated a plan to fill them up? If your business is running day to day by the seat of your pant? Theres a reason why you cant take a holiday or offord to buy a house. Systems will make your busines run smoothly and efficiently. 

Results drive us harder.

When you start to see your turnover rise, that automtically drives you to want more. Its the same for the opposite, when resutls are low it demotivates us. Getting a few wins on the board early on helps keep you in the right headspace to continually plann, achieving and then reach success. But dreaming big is usually the main problem and when you dont focus on the small steps, you'll never reach the big goal. Taking a step back and working on the day to day and week to week tasks will put you on track for the bigger picture. 

Be accountable to me!

Who is currently making you do all the things you need to be doing to get your business functioning as best it could? I mean, you are keeping your clients on track with their training, nutrition and daily motivation right? But who is helping you drive your business to where you want it too be. Think about a professional athlete, sure they have talent but without the right coach would they make it to the olympics? Think about having someone in your corner, advising you, making you accountable for the day to day business operations that will get your business the success you have been dreaming of. 

What are the benefits of having a Business Coach?

  1. Professional guidence
  2. Lean how to brand yourself
  3. How and where to advertise
  4. Accountability
  5. Motivational support
  6. Learn how to use systems 
  7. Become an online coach
  8. Goal setting
  9. Results tracking
  10. Sales targets


1 on 1 Business Coaching-6.jpg

Basics Package 

Get your business on track and making you more money, build your brand and become a leader.

  • 1 Coaching session a week. Online
  • $99 per week for a minimun of 12 weeks - Payment is direct debit weekly.
  • Face to Face $120 per week. 
1 on 1 Business Coaching-7.jpg

Results Pack  

You are ready and extremely motivated to achive your goals fast and you are ready to put in the hard work then this is the right package for you. 

  • 2 Coaching sessions a week to keep you highly motivated, focused and accountable. 
  • Most popular package for value for money and results achieved
  • $190 per week for a minimum of 12 weeks - Payment by Direct Debit (contact if require a different arrangement)
  • Face to Face - $259 per week for a minimim of 12 weeks. 
1 on 1 Business Coaching-8.jpg


This is if you are highly motivated to reach impressive goals on time and you are ready to commit. 

  • 3 Coaching Sessions a week 

  • You are phyiscally and mentally ready to focus on your business.  
  • $280 per week for a minimum of 12 week - Payment by Direct Debit (contact if require a different arrangement)
  • Face to Face $369 - per week for a minimim of 12 weeks. 


Free Consultation 

  • If you are not sure about which is the best option for you feel free to registere for a free consultation. 
  • A 20 min phone consultation to talk about where you are currently at and what you would like to achieve. 
  • If I can help you I can set up a meeting to discuss details further and to help you with the sign up so we can get started. 
  • Feel free to contact me, i dont bite. Im here to help. 


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